Real Estate Investment News - February 2019

Average land price rate for the past 25 years

SiHeung Secures Its Position As A Railway Hub 2/20/19

Average Land Price Rate for the Previous 25 years (2/11/19)

$20 billion USD to land compensation.. $1.3 billion USD this year (2/7/19)

Apartment Prices Down and More Difficult to Find Tenants (2/7/19)

OfficeTel Profitability Decrease While Land Prices Skyrocket (2/6/19)

Increase In Supply of Apartments = Lower Apartment Prices (2/1/19)

Real Estate Investment News - January 2019


Korea to Spend $157.4 billion to Jumpstart Economy 2019. Jobs and SOC Are on The Forefront

New City will be Announced in June 2019 - GwangMyeong - SiHeung Are Front-Runners!

Shin-Ansan Line Starting in August Due to Increased Population in GwangMyeong - SiHeung Areas

Downward Trend is More Pronounced for Apartment Sales, Prices, and Values

A Summary of the Tax and Financial Changes in Real Estate Beginning 2019

News and Press Releases: December 2018

Decreasing trend of apartment moves and sales People are looking for better investment opportunities

Groundbreaking North-South Korea Railway in the Works

Decreased Number of Apartment Transactions in Seoul - Record since 2008

Third New City and Its Transportation Plans

Korea allocates $22 Billion (USD) to Land Compensation in 2019

News and Stats Specific to Land


November 17, 2015 - Land exponentially appreciated over the last 50 years!

The average land price in South Korea has increased by over 3000 times! 


July 27, 2017 - Land Appreciates at Rate 4X That of Apartments

 The rate of office lease rents nationwide was 5.4%. The rate of increase in apartment prices in the country was 1.59%. 


February 1, 2018 - AP states Real Estate Investments, Land is the Best Option

Since land is a limited resource, especially with South Korea being relatively a small country, land can be considered price inelastic. Hence, when land is available for sale investors are flocking to the opportunity. In 2018, land owned for investment purposes by the 30 largest companies in the country increased by 4.1%. 


May 30, 2018 - Land Price Increase for the Year

The nation's official land price index rose 6.28 percent this year!


August 7, 2018 - Hwaseong City's MongsongMyeon Has Increased Five-Fold Over the Past Five Years!

 Transportation avenues, such as the Metro lines (Su-in) and KTX routes, adds amazing value to land and property.

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